"Posterity will owe everlasting thanks to John Brown for lifting up once more to the gaze of a nation grown fat and flabby on the garbage of lust and oppression, a true standard of heroic philanthropy, and each coming generation will pay its installment of the debt. . . . John Brown saw slavery through no mist or cloud, but in a light of infinite brightness, which left no one of its ten thousand horrors concealed." Frederick Douglass

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Osawatomie Notebook--

Atwater: John Brown and Psychological Warfare

* Grady Atwater, the administrator of the John Brown State Historic Site in Osawatomie, Kansas, has recently written about John Brown’s use of psychological warfare against pro-slavery forces as a guerilla fighter.
“Those who are afraid may go back, but I will cross at the Fuller Crossing. The Lord has marked out a path for me, and I intend to follow it. We are ready to move.” John Brown, January 1859
Read the entire article posted on The Osawatomie Graphic [Osawatomie, Kan.]

Atwater Honored 

* Atwater a recepient of the 2011 We Kan! Award

On May 7, 2011, Grady Atwater was one of ten people to be recognized for his contributions in receiving the annual We Kan! Award, provided by the Sampler Foundation for grassroots leadership in Kansas. Congratulations, Grady!
“Realistically, it’s an award for the entire community and people who support efforts to educate the public at large about John Brown’s role in history.” Grady Atwater
Read more about it The Osawatomie Graphic [Osawatomie, Kan.], 17 May 2011

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